Our Alt De Facto guitars are designed so you can have your own custom instrument, made to your own specifications with ​your choice of pickups, color, wood, hardware and finish style.

Hand-built by one of our builders, these are truly individual guitars, for every individual player.

​Fano Alt de Facto instruments are only available through Authorized Fano Dealers.


Check out our 2023 Color range for the ‘Alt De Facto’ Range.


Fano JM6 ready for shipping

Light and quick, this curvy beauty is made to respond to the touch. Get as rough or smooth as you like, the contoured Alder body and satin-smooth Maple neck are built for comfort as well as speed. With hot Lollar P-90s, this playable piece of art needs no help from pedals to push the boundaries.


Fano Guitars, SP6 with medium distress

The Fano SP6 combines the body shape and typical neck profile of a “Junior” with the electronics, bolt-on neck and layout of a classic “String-Through” solid body. Creating a guitar which covers familiar territories, as well as many in-between tones that neither guitar could do traditionally.


Copper Fano PX6

Grab onto something solid, like this Alt de Facto PX6. Inspired by the classic “Non-Reverse” look, this guitar also carries its own unique, distinctive touches. The neck and fingerboard are reminiscent of a ‘50s-era bolt-on style look and feel, and the two Lollar P-90 pickups deliver strong versatile tones. Take your pick of wood, finish, and pickups.


Fano GF6 in Bull Black with light distressing

The GF6 is an off-set, carved top, center-block, “F”-hole style guitar full of tone and beauty. Perfect for the player that wants to make a visual and audible statement… With its neo-classic aesthetics and a strong nostalgic feel, this is a guitar which can take you on a journey.


Fano RB6T's in Red and Green

The Alt de Facto RB6 Thinline is at once familiar and totally new. Like a greatest hits compilation of guitar shapes, you may spot a bit of “British Invasion”, “string-through” solid body, and even 50’s “Junior” in it’s DNA. This center block, semi-hollow guitar sings with sustain and a woody tone…yeah, yeah, yeah!


Fano RB6 in Bull Black with Red pick guard and knobs

The Alt de Facto RB6 is part “British Invasion” and part “carve top”, but that still probably doesn’t quite describe it. This comfortable, player is classy, contoured, and sounds fantastic.  With plenty of wood, pickup, paint and hardware options, the RB6 will leave you wanting more.


Fano TC6 in butterscotch

The single-cut shape of the TC6 echoes the traditional String-Through solid body, while breaking tradition by adding a funky pickguard for a dash of retro goodness. Instead of conventional single-coil pickups, the TC6 goes all nonconformist with a pair of hot TV Jones Supertrons, providing that sweet vintage sparkle and twang, along with fatter overdriven tones.


Fano MG6 Guitar in metallic red

A nod to one of the most famous shapes in guitar history, but with Fano’s own touch of style. With some classic P90’s and a thin neck radius, this is one of the smoothest guitars on the planet with a looks that sits somewhere between the past and the future with effortless ease.